Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friendship and Hipster Fests.

I picked it up like an old friend. A friend who I had not talked to for a couple months. Friendship takes some time to warm back up to its usual bubbliness. And, I was right in the midst of that process.
Ok. Maybe I should stop trying to tell you that I’ve recently picked up with an old friend. Because, I haven’t (although that would be nice). I’m not even talking about a person. It’s a thing.
My camera. Last weekend was the first time since the end of summer (which seems so far away) that I’d used my favorite toy. To say that I’ve missed that creative outlet would be an understatement. I miss the freedom to do what you want with what you see. No guidelines. Just shoot.
But, for the Hipster Fest of the Year (not actual title), I decided that my life should be documented a little more. The festival was set up along some streets on campus, right next to a lovely little coffee shop. Vendors were out selling their handmade wares, and lives bands were performing. 
I was overwhelmed by the amount of people, but my twin introverted Whitney was there to calm me down (or assure me that she was just as freaked out). As we randomly dashed from one booth to the other, tried on jewelry, and listened to the tunes, I remembered something. This is why I live. 
Those moments fo sheer joy and pleasure. Delighting in the friends and people around me. Marvelling at the gifts God has given to people to create. I was overwhelmed again (this time, not quite so frightening). But, it was a good feeling.
Life isn’t about books and how many hours you spend in a library (i enjoy those and sometimes get a wee bit too wrapped up). Nope. It’s about the relationships. And, I forget about that. A lot.
So, here’s to remembering that God created us to be in a relationship with him (and with others, silly). It’s the best place to be. No matter what. 

Some good classy music. Later in the night, Deas Vail played. Winner. 

Hello there beauties. 

Ran across these hooligans.
They're charmers. 

Who doesn't want to be pet like a dog? 
Henna. My arm was his creative outlet. 


And...another beautiful friend. They're everywhere. 

Pre Red Mango. Delicious even on a cool fall night.

Oodles thankful for this girl.

Anna and Rachelle. Mmhmm. Cute.

Don't be mistaken. This is not heaven.



  1. i loved this post! So glad you chose to stay here :)

  2. Alrighty, SO, two things.
    one) I simply MUST thank you for recommending Christa Wells. I had seen the CD on Amazon, but decided I should go give her a listen. I bought it, she's awesome, and I have another awesome to favorite to usher in fall. So, THANK YOU! :)
    two) Preeetty pictures.
    three) You are just a super nifty person.
    four) I can't count.