Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Not So Family Vacation.

It's funny how things change when you're family has grown up. We are past the days of cramming into a full sized van without AC and roadtripping out to Colorado. Alas, we leave the screaming, fighting, incessant banter, and good memories behind.

This next week marks the first week of my life where a family vacation is now defined as: Mom, Dad, me, and Julie. Half of my family is missing. They're married, moved away, and busy. The troubling part is that someday I'll be like them too. And, that someday is looking like it's getting closer to me than ever before.

Tonight I'll board the flight out to Portland knowing that this is my last family vacation before the chaos of college commences (yikes, how's that for alliteration?). This is my last summer adventure, and when I return, I have to prepare for my first college adventure.

The nostalgia is really getting to me, but the excitement is setting in. In the next 10 days, I will:
  1. Go to the Public Market
  2. See Cannon Beach
  3. Hike up Mt. Rainier
  4. See the Space Needle
  5. Go to Powell's Books
  6. Run through Washington Park
  7. See Japanese gardens
  8. Go to Mars Hill
Ok, by now, the excitement has almost cancelled out the nostalgia. Even still, I'll miss my family that is scattered across the U.S.

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