Monday, July 11, 2011

Shameless Snooping.

I'm sitting at my grandparent's dining room table, exhausted from a week of activity, yet still feeling like I haven't done much. The routine is gone. My friends aren't with me. I am out of my element.

This is a feeling that I don't experience very often. Because, most of the time, I have something familiar with me to remind me of home. But, this time, nothing (not even the baby blanket that I, yes, still sleep with). Last night, lying in bed, I just felt sad. Most everything that was near and dear to me was outside a 60 mile radius. It was at this point that I realized, without a doubt, that I'm a homebody.

While I was perusing the Grandparent's home, looking for little gems of treasure in between snippets of Harry potter, I stumbled upon something that I can always relate to.

I had to step up on the chair and stand on my tippy toes to reach it. Eventually, I won my prize-a Rubbermaid container. As I gingerly pulled it off the shelf, my eyes kept getting bigger and bigger. When I'd finally got it down, and hopped off the chair, I popped off the lid and began a new adventure.

What I'd found were all my grandparent's old cameras. As I sorted through all the old negatives, I was reminded of what a picture represents. It's a memory. A day. A moment. Well, this was just a fantastic find, because I am picture obsessed. Yes, obsessed (my 15,000 pictures on my computer are proof).

As I live and breath. An original Polaroid camera.
And, it practically begged me to use it. How could I say no? That's right, I couldn't.With this I found a package of flash bulbs, and my grandpa gave me a tutorial on how to use it. I felt cool.Of course I had to snoop through ages of slides. It was almost like intruding in someone's life. But, that didn't deter me. I like snooping.
So, today, it feels a little more like home. I've found something that perks my attention and delights my soul, always (aside from the obvious, God...he always does).

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  1. dude, a polaroid land camera?! I'm so so so envious right now. YOU ARE SO LUCKY!