Thursday, June 30, 2011

Void of Meaning.

I skimmed through other's blogs and became jealous of their creativity. My mind was completely void of anything to write. And, to be honest, it's been this way for a while. Last night, my head was reeling in the wake of everything. Then, I asked myself why I even have this blog.

So, why? It's a pretty good question, really, one I hadn't thought of much. Let's explore this, shall we?

I love to write. Plain and simple. Writing something out helps to think through the process and develop my opinion on the topic. I didn't used to love it, but with a little helped from a literary-minded sister and fanatic mother, I learned. This is my outlet.

You. I write for you. Other people's blogs and writings have encouraged me, and I can only hope that my writing has done the same to you (although that may be a stretch).

Me. More than either of the previous, I write for me. I write to remember. Sometimes, I'll sift through my old posts, and it's funny how reading that post recalls all the emotions behind it. This blog has become a piece of me. Of my heart. All my writings tell the story and my journey. It documents my unfaithfulness and God's constant faithfulness, my failure and God's perfect plan.

So, now blogosphere, you all know, and I have written confirmation of why I write. And, I hope I never stop.

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