Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Verbal Sigh.

I opened up my e-mail and gasped. It was simply too bad to be true. Why on God's green Earth was this happening now? For Pete's sake.

Purdue sent me an e-mail stating all the things I hadn't done that were supposed to be completed before orientation Thursday. There were several tests, and one that I could swear I had already completed. My face showed obvious signs of defeat.

The whole application process has been a headache. Scholarship dates, application deadlines, and internship opportunities have all been poorly communicated. And, this was the last straw.

After I had sorted through the mess, I called my mom. My voice was strained, as were my neck muscles. I was close to tears, and fed up with college (and I'm not even there, yet).

The Starbucks employees were probably snickering behind the counter because of my disheveled looks and verbal sighs. In fact, I was snickering at myself. It was sad.

In the midst of my woes, it became apparent what I was missing (and it wasn't just a venti coffee). I was missing perspective, Godly perspective that is. Obviously, God made this happen for a reason, a good reason in fact. Right now, I am boggled as to what that is. I rest assured that this is what God wants. Although, at the moment, my feeble mind is fumbling to understand why I have to retake a 90 minute math placement exam.

So, with a (now) happy heart, I head back to my new place of residence (summer internship, you know) to pull out my graphing calculator and get to work.
Come fall, maybe I'll have a wee bit more affinity for this place. One can only hope.

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