Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Future Husband,

I've been working loads this past week. And, I feel very grown-up doing it. It takes a while for people to really understand what exactly my summer job is, so I thought I would brief you. This week I have:
Torn out an inordinate amount of weeds.
Experienced the magic that is Bennet's greenhouse.
Found my apartment where I want to live.
Planted shrubs (for the first time, ever).
Cleaned out an apartment unit.
Smelled rotten pork.
Pulled a jacket out of a freezer.
Ordered 15 tons of gravel.
Dumped a load of junk off at a transfer station.
Found a historic door in the apartment storage.
Edited wedding photos.

That's kind of what I do on a regular basis. But, something I've kind of been learning about me is that I like things done stat. No taking your time. So, maybe I'm not super gracious, but I'm working on it. Someday you'll understand that not everyone has my same intense view of life. Praise the sweet Lord.

Oh, and one more thing. The apartment building that I'm "flipping" (I think I can call it that) has the creepiest basement on the face of the planet. Yes, someone could probably stick a body down there, and no one would know. I guess that's just another story altogether. Please don'tworry, I have yet to find any bodies. So, we're good.
Just in case you've ever wondered about my workspace/mornings, here's what they consist of. Now, this is way off topic. Yikes. Well, my mind is a complicated and diverting place. Apparently.

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