Monday, May 16, 2011

Of Sequins and Wrist Corsages.

I know that I'm not the only girl who has dreamed of it. Disney made his money capitalizing off these dreams. Average looking girl meets great guy. Great guy takes her somewhere nice. Average looking girl must have perfect dress. Average looking girl finds dress and has the best night of her life with great guy.

Ok, so not every story goes just like that, but it's close. I made (maybe I should say "make," but that just makes me look like a bad person) fun of those girls. They're hopeless limps of women. It's true that in my former life I was Betty Friedan. Those days are over with (for the most part). I've always wanted to make them show some spunk. Ditch your meticulous dress, and live for Pete's sake.

But (yes, here's that turn around that you've been waiting for), it's prom season. The teenage world goes up in arms about tuxes, tulle, and bedazzlers. Facebook becomes the dumping ground for all pictures related to prom.

This is probably my inner Scrouge coming out (ok, it most definitely is). But, in my four years of high school, I never once went to such an event. Part of me rejoices at this realization. The other part wants to go sit in a corner and cry at my complete void of sequins and wrist corsages.

So, in order to comfort myself (and appease those who were curious about my prom experience...or lack there of. ok who am I kidding? who really wanted to know about my prom? and now this footnote is way to long. shutting up now), I've put together the following:

1. The Venue-roof top garden in Brooklyn. End of story.

2. The Dress-Ellie Saab creation, of course.

3. The Guy- (you didn't think I'd leave this part out did you?) Hello quintessential hipster, nerd, chic, friend.

Ok. I feel much better now that all that girliness is out there. I promise some time later this week I'll write about something super-duper meaningful...maybe.

Happy Monday!


  1. Matt Bomer! He was on Chuck! :-D Good pick!

    (and btw- my high school(s) allowed all ages, so I went to four.... all single/with another girl, and then went home- the same as every night.)

    Life is SO much better after high school. :-)

  2. Oh! I agree. Matt Bomer is...beautiful.
    And your venue is perfect.
    I did go to prom last year...and...I liked the taking of pictures in cool places, the eating out in Birmingham, and the bowling afterwards...but the prom itself? Not a fan.
    I liked the dressing up too!

    P.S. I'm a fellow TeenPacter. I kind of found you via linking on facebook and now I know that I'm an official creeper...
    I would like to say that you are a wonderful photographer! And I just think it's awesome that you love to bake so much!.
    That is all :)