Monday, May 23, 2011

Not Too Innate of a Change.

I slowly pulled my cotton sheet from over my head. My room was still dark, but light was starting to creep through the shutters over my windows. Dad was downstairs vacuuming (he never fails to do this at the weirdest moments). As I moped downstairs, the waffles irons were out and fresh fruit was on the counter. It was just any other Saturday morning.

But, this Saturday was post-graduation party. Mom woke up in the middle of the night crying because she realized her kiddos were growing up. I love my sleep too much to do that, but I wanted to. Nothing has innately changed, but things will be different now that I'm done with high school.

As I sat opening all my cards last night, I could not believe how many people showed love to me. I know little of that is to my credit. My parents are the reason I am who I am today (God also helped them out a lot...).

I made cake pops (more on that later).
People talked.
It was beautiful outside.
God put some cool people around me.
My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.
It was good.

Phooooto booth time.

Quite possibly my favorite from the night.
I think the amount I love her is apparent in this picture.
Friends for a long time.

Happy Monday!

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