Friday, May 27, 2011

Kelli and Corbit.

They were Purdue students, involved with Campus Crusade, new Christians. Slowly, they became friends and starting building the same base of hipster colleagues. As their love for God grew, so did their love for each other (funny how that works, huh). A girl involved with the college ministry met the two of them on separate occasions. She paired them up as a potential couple. Turns out, she wasn't so bad at pairing up people. Shortly, Kelli and Corbit realized that they were probably a tad more than just friends.

Together they are now serving at our church. Corbit is a seminary student and consequently an intern (I affectionately call them "the slaves"). Kelli helps out when she's not working at Purdue or keeping up with their charming apartment. They're cute. Hipster. Godly. Fun to the nth. Ok, enough, I won't exhaust my thesaurus. But, you get the point.

Reason #40 why I love Kelli and Corbit: they were up for a laundromat (and we learned how to spell and pronounce "laundromat" in the process).

Her laugh. It's contagious.

I didn't confirm this, but I'm sure they bleed gold and black.

Yes. This is them.

Kelli, you are killing me. So pretty.

The End.