Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Acclimated.

I walked into the gym early enough. It was 6:30am as I gave myself a pat on the back for already being on the treadmill. Working out at gyms (which I now have experienced...thanks padres for the membership) gives me an extra dose of competitive spirit. For example:
  • I have an unspoken (but now, not unwritten) agreement with myself that I will be the first person on the treadmill, and the last one off.
  • When lifting weights, I do more reps than the person next to me. Even if they're macho man.
Alright, you get the picture. Physical trainers all across America (ok, maybe just the midwest) are probably throwing off theirs hats because I'm probably ruining my body doing that. Oh well.

After the first jaunt to the gym, I felt confident. So, I went again and again. But, this morning I was greeted by a gang of over fifty men. I know them all well, but little did I know that they all worked out together. They are orneriness defined.

While I was lifting my dweeby little weights, one of them called out "Hey Erika!" I yanked out my ear buds thinking I was in trouble only to hear him finish with "bake me some cake!" I looked at them and said "Why would I bake cake for you?" That shut them up for all of 5 seconds. Then, we had a banter of sorts all while I was doing curls.

So, let's leave it at this. I will always be more encouraged to go to the gym when they're there. Because they are a hoot. And, I now feel like a real part of the gym. I'm being made fun of by the "regulars." The acclimation process is complete.

Now, I realize this post is far too long for a simple talk about the gym. Cope and deal.

Happy Wednesday!

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