Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Week: Day 2

6am comes too early, did you know that? Well, I definitely did this morning. As I drug myself out of bed and downstairs, I plopped my day old oatmeal into the microwave and heated it up. I sat in our overstuffed armchair with my breakfast and Hebrews. And, alas, there was no coffee for me (the whole stomach ulcer and all...), so I had to rely on myself to perk up a bit.

The baking process began around 8am. Of course, I had to have the right tunes.

While the cakes were a-baking, I started the raspberry filling for the lemon cake.

And the finished product.

But, today my day was a whole lot more than cakes. I a) got ready for a presentation that it turned out I didn't have to give today, b) had two lovely friends over to help me ice some of the cakey, and c) went on a 12 mile run...on accident.

So, about the run. I was only going to do 8 miles, but when I got half way through my loop, I saw that the road that I was going to turn on was flooded. So, I meandered my way around the county roads. Yes, "meander" now means run 4 extra miles.

All in all, today was stress free. Mom told me she was praying. And, I told her to keep it up. The golden sunset (pictures tomorrow...) is streaming through my venetian blinds. I hear Scott downstairs teaching Julie how to tap dance. Courtney is talking through the whole cake feeding process on the wedding day. And I am upstairs with a pile of books, Dear Genevieve, and Gilmore Girls.

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