Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Week: Day 1

I like to call it death by buttercream. Others may say cardiac arrest. But, really, we all know that Paula Dean is somewhere in the world giving it a hearty "ya'll."

Today marks the first day of what I am affectionately (and originally) calling Wedding Week. Join me on journey of baking 13 cakes in one week by myself. Tune in each night for the day's recap. See the chaos; witness the panic; and wait in suspense for the final ganache buttercreamed cream cheesed product. Oh, and NBC call me up right now. I can write all your show previews. Deal? I make cake.

Ok, enough talk about my nonexistent relationship with NBC.

Today I decided to conquer the icings. They keep pretty well, and relieves the pressure of baking the cakes and making the icing at the same time.

The morning started with 16 sticks of butter in the mixer- just for one kind of icing.

It quickly became this loveliness.

I had my eye on it. I had to chew gum to keep from devouring it and still manage to fit into my dress.

Then, the ganache showed up and stole the show. Nothing is better than heavy cream and chocolate. Nothing.

Believe it. That is almost a gallon of chocolate. So much self-control.
Today was successful and no major mishaps occurred. Aside from the fact that I may not be able to resist the pounds of confectioner's sugar and butter mixed together that are taking over my refrigerator.


  1. now i know what happened to all my gum....sacrificed to a just cause!