Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 Pairs of Cleats+Life Together

(The dinner we cooked. Looks good, no?)
We sat upstairs in Java, talking when it seemed appropriate and studying (or Facebooking) when we were silent. The table was dimly lighted, and my Cafe au Lait was nearly gone when she asked "Could we go back to your house to get the cleats?"

You see, later that night there were some intramural soccer games. Being a soccer fanatic, I offered to let her borrow one of my ten pairs of cleats (yes, I know that's a lot...1/3 of my entire shoe collection, really).

We drove to my house. I dressed her up, like a doll, in soccer paraphernalia and we headed over to campus. During the games, I juggled the soccer ball with some guys, and desparately wished to be playing (one more year...).

The games finished, my friend and I hopped into her car, and went back to my house. We made dinner, I took pictures, and we talked.

This day wasn't anything spectacular. In fact, it was quite ordinary. And, that's why I loved it.

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  1. I am SO good at making Mac N' Cheese :)

    Also, I loved this night! Let's live together RIGHT NOW!!!! :)