Friday, February 25, 2011

Pro-Con Lists+(crashed)New Year's Day

My dad is crazy about 5-year strategic plans (if I was my mom, I'd be worried). At the ripe age of 6, my dad would take the whole family to church on New Year's Day to have us write out goals for the next year (now, that's a party...or a crashed New Year's day). I whined. I complained. I may have even resented him for it.

I was always asked the question "where are you, and where are you going?" I answered them every year. Although, I don't remember any of my answers (at all...).

My dad doesn't drag the whole family around on a holiday for goal writing anymore. But, the attitude is still there. It's sort of understood that around mid-January you will have your goals in spread sheet form (I cheated and wrote mine in a journal this year...whoops). It's a goal of mine this year to review all my goals before a new month (ironic, yes I know...a goal for reviewing goals).

But, on reading a blog I religiously follow, the author brought up an excellent idea of just writing down one sentence about where you are, and where you want to be (or what you could see yourself doing). Immediately, I was challenged (and I L-O-V-E a challenge). So, I did it. It's inspiring (although my sentence will stay tucked away in my moleskin).

Granted, my life is grand as it is. Dreaming and visioning is just a fancy of mine. I love having the rose colored picture in my head. Everything is an opportunity to pursue what I was made for. God has my story. All planned. And all good.

I am a creature of analysis. Pro-con lists, spreadsheets, and all. I get it from my dad.
Thank you, Dad, for teaching me to plan, to schedule, to dream, and to not be let down when things aren't what I think they should be (I also attribute all my Microsoft Excel knowledge to you).

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