Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot Beverages+Relationships

I woke up with a hearty dose of determination (and a hefty amount of coffee...). Today was just one of those days when I knew that I could conquer the world. I started in on calculus (which is always first on my to-do list...behind Bible reading that is...yes, applaud me now ;)). Slowly, I plodded through the day, and then two things occurred to me:

1. I wasn't getting near enough done (I blame it alll on Facebook). The to-do list was like the freaking abominable snow man. It.Was.Huge. So, taking that into consideration, I headed for more coffee and got some fresh pencils.

2. I felt kind of lonely. So, to remedy that I picked up my phone to text someone. But, as soon as I did that, I realized what my motive was. It was sobering, humbling, and above all else, it was hard. I was about to text one of my good guy friends (girls all over the planet are groaning, because they will interpret this as "a guy I like, but who doesn't like me. So I'll just call him a friend." But, it's not like you me) when I realized the gaping hole in my friendships with girls.

So, today I made a resolve of sorts. As an extension of my 2011 goals, I've decided to invest my time in my relationships with girls (relationships that won't ever be filled with thoughts of "does he like me?" or "did he really just say that?" or "I bet that means he likes me..."). Practically, this means looking for ways to invest time in other's lives. It's me purposefully asking how I can pray for someone. It's taking away from hulu time (yeah, I did just go there) to have coffee or invite someone to chill over tea. It means sacrifice, but not sacrifice without benefit. The pouring of my life into someone else's is the most rewarding thing on this planet (you know why? Because that's the way God designed it). So, here's to more coffee, tea, pouring, investing, sacrifice, and lasting friendships.


  1. Oh wow, this hit home.

    A lot of my really good friends are guys, and as time has gone on, friendships have come and gone. But mostly the ones who have *really* stayed are a few guy friends.

    I always say that it's easier for me to talk / make friends with guys than with girls. I think I use this as a crutch. Although usually it IS easier for me, just because I don't feel like putting the effort into girl friendships. (it seems to take SO much more, and I'm selfish and want it all to be easy peasy)

    I've actually been thinking about this a lot lately (we seriously are on the same brain wavelength half the time), so I might just have to write a blog post of my own. ;)

  2. Your description of "guy friends" and the thoughts we have about them that we don't have with our girl friends made me laugh out loud...because they're DEAD. ON. :)

    I definitely need to work on the area of girl-friendships in my life as well...Thanks for your thoughts and the reminder to reach out!!!!