Monday, December 6, 2010


Meet December, the craziest month of the year. There are so many activities that grab my attention, because it's CHRISTMAS TIME! Besides the wonderful Christmas hooplah, there's finals, trying to pick out the right gifts, extra serving at church, and a whole lot of baking (personally, this is my favorite...I have one extra excuse to bake delicious things). December with just the above mentioned things results in chaos, but when you add in other events, like life, it gets ca-razy.

When I was a good deal younger, I would watch my parents and be perplexed at the commotion that surrounded the holidays. "Good grief," I would think, "all you have to do is buy me all the things I want." If you have a shred of sense, you probably have gathered that I was a self-centered little twig when I was younger.

Sadly, yesterday during church, I came to realization that I am merely a grown-up(ish) selfish twig. All my thoughts, choices, and actions ( pretty much everything) were centered around myself. I let my mind run rampant across the fields of selfish desires. When something didn't go as I thought it should, I became Scrooge (except, like times 10).

If I'm doing anything that I think wouldn't bother God, or isn't anything that I think concerns him, I am wasting time that I could be spending bringing him absolute glory. When I'm passive, I am not pleasing God. The Bible never told me that I could please God when I wanted, then do culturally "amoral" things on the side.

A selfish little twig is:
a. unpleasant to be around
b. not glorifying to God
c. not what I am going to be this holiday season

Happy (un-twiggy) Monday!

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