Thursday, December 9, 2010

Flannel Shirts+In-between

As I stood next to my brother last night, he glanced at my eclectic outfit, shook his head, and smiled. I gave him a hard time for his worn flannel shirt. He didn't care. He looked down at me again and gave a knowing glance. Nothing stupendous or grand was happening surrounding that moment. It was a little moment in between the hustle and bustle and it meant the world.

Everyday is filled with tiny moments in between the highs and lows.

It's my little sister sneezing, then saying "bless you!" I correct her and she furrows her brow confusedly.

It's the time in the kitchen when you just start dancing and before you know it, the whole family is with you.

It's studying with your brother when all of a sudden he pulls you off the couch and insists you dance with him.

It's my older sister coming over to rummage through my clothes and shoes because she's going out.

It's my mom softly playing Christmas carols on the harp while I read.

It's my dad's strategic planning and excel spreadsheets about college plans.

It's your friend coming over to study and after a good fifteen minutes you just start talking (and there goes the studying).

It's reading the same verse for the 100th time and finding something new in it.

It's snapping a picture right at the perfect moment.

It's the in-between moments.

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  1. l.o.v.e.
    [especially the glancing memory... those tiniest moments during the crowded day often stay in your mind longer than everything else.]