Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bloomingdales+The Internet

I don't consider gift buying my strength. In fact, in all likelihood it's a weakness. I always end up telling people what I got them. My family just seems to be able to pry it out of me. I like to say it's because of my integrity...I've bought oversized clothing, cheese graters, and ugly posters. When my family was on the whole "make the gifts yourself" kick (that's just torture for an un-crafty person) I made ratty scarves, tried to make a clay pot (I'll leave how that one turned out to your imagination), and painted the ugliest pictures known to man.

So, in a nut shell: Santa should ban me from every mall, shopping center, and department store because of my lack of gift buying prowess. I am an awful Christmaser (it's a word...I swear). You would think that with at least a decade of experience under my belt that I would have improved, but alas, no.

In light of my awful gift buying endeavors, I'm trying something new this Christmas. It's called online shopping. Who knew that existed? I'm becoming a great fan of it. In malls and stores, I feel the pressure to buy, buy, buy (maybe I can blame that for my poor gift choices...). In the comfort of my own home, in my pajamas, wrapped in a blanket, I feel like I can conquer the shopping world (eat that Bloomingdales). When I'm feeling doubtful, I stop, back away form the computer, and go get another cup of coffee. So far, so good.

Up till today, I have not purchased any presents. I think I was afraid to fail again this year. But, today I'm changing that. I already have two people down and it's not even past noon. I'm feeling good.

Sure, my family smiles and acts joyous when they've opened my past presents. They're really good actors. I know Christmas isn't about the gifts, I get that...I think. Although that's the case, I do think it's important to get out of your comfort zone and think of what other's may want or need this Christmas. So, I'm trying, with a little help from the internet.
Last year's tree, under which sat another bad set of gifts: courtesy of Erika

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