Saturday, December 11, 2010

An 8 Year Old+Argyle Tights

I walked into the room, looking forward to what the Bible study had in store for me that day. Anna and I (the amazing person I teach with, who just happens to be my amazing friend) earlier in the day donned bow ties (not your everyday bow was made out of a Christmas bow, and the other an oversized scarf) you know, just for fun. We'd forgotten about them throughout the day, until a quizzical student gave us some flack (primarily myself, for I happen to dress a little more unclassical than Anna). She look at me and stared for a solid minute (no embellishment here, I swear), then said "You look very...*long pause*...interesting." I replied with a chirpy "Well, thanks!" At that she just stared some more.

Happy Monday!
(and don't forget to have fun. enjoy those awkward moments...)

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