Friday, November 5, 2010

Tomorrow is the day.

If you have been faithfully following this blog a)thank you a million times over, b)i'm sorry you've been privy to some many ramblings, and c) you probably know what is happening this weekend (or not). This whole week, I have been shopping, prepping, and baking in anticipation of the big BonWatson(Bontreger+Watson) wedding.

Yes, I am the only dessert caterer. Yes, I have never done this on this scale. And yes, I have been praying to God about every 5 seconds. The cupcakes are almost done abet the icing. The cake is looking swell and ready to be put together. And, so far, I haven't bawled my eyes out. It's been a good week.

Of course, there have been moments when I've stopped and thought, what on earth am I doing? At those moments, I'm thankful for the level headed people I'm surrounded by (and mass quantities of coffee).

So, tomorrow is the day. The day when I see what all my hard work has come to. I just keep saying over and over(and over...yes it's been lots) again "All hard work brings a profit...but mere talk leads only to poverty" Prov.(something...I don't have the time to find the right reference)...

For now I'm shutting up(stopping the "mere talk") and getting back to the calculus lesson that I have to do before my next baking spree.

If you think of it; send up a quickie prayer for me.
I would much appreciate it.

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