Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Complicatingly Simple.

I walked in through our front door, still smelling freshly fallen rain. As I shut the door behind be, I was confronted with another heavenly odor-barley and vegetable soup. I peaked into the kitchen to see if my family was still eating. They weren't, but a big pot of soup was still hot on the stove. Adjacent to the soup was a pan full of parker house rolls (food of the gods, so buttery, flakey, and well just delicious). Ravenous after a run and soccer practice, not to mention my furious Goodwill shopping, I reached for the nearest bowl.

I had downed every last bit of soup and probably two too many rolls. My mother then asked me to give my little sister a bath. I acquiesced to her request and took my little sister upstairs. Just as I was filling up the tub, she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and asked: "Erka, will you be me best friend, like for forever?" I swear, my heart stopped beating. I think I now know how a melting heart feels.
Julie reminded me that life isn't hard. It seems daunting and wearisome to me at times, but really it isn't any more complicated than saying: "Will you be my best friend, like for forever?" Our living declaration should be that simple question asked to the God of all things. Christianity isn't only for the intellectual (yeah, I wouldn't be a Christian...for sure). Sometimes it is our intellect that keeps us from God. To a child, life is simple and sprinkled with few concerns. God doesn't require complexity. All he wants is all of us for his glory.

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