Thursday, September 22, 2011

Helping You Out.

In between homework and school and homework, I've found plenty of things to do. Ok, really, I've found many ways to procrastinate (blogging may or may not be one of them...).

So, allow me to share my procrastinating ways with you. Ok?

1. Listen to music. i.e. Christa Wells
She is brilliant. Let me tell you. I randomly grabbed her album, and I cannot stop listening to it. Definitely my walking to class music.

2. Steep and Cheap.
This is how I manage to satiate my desire for all things outdoorsy and amazing without spending a fortune. Every couple of minutes, there are new products for a good deal over half price. In between math problems, why not check and see if an Arcteryx jacket is on sale?

3. Joy the Baker
Seriously, this girl can cook AND bake. Dry sarcasm? Why not? Healthy recipes? Sure. Decadent desserts sure to cause cardiac arrest? No question. All hail the most amazing food blog. And,
did I mention that she loves cats?

4. Sector 9
I've been dying to get a long board. So, I've been feverishly perusing the collection. As soon as I have a spare $100, I'll be cruising around campus in style. Mmhmm.

Thank you for bearing with me through this random post about procrastinating. And, I'm guessing that my story about procrastinating helped you to procrastinate. So, you're welcome :)

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