Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Matt and Emily.

It was nothing, really. Just a couple girls heading to the airport to pick him up together. Emily barely knew Matt, but she was along for the ride. The airport pick-up morphed into spending a summer night on her back deck talking with friends. It was summer, but things would change in the fall with Emily heading back to school. But, maybe things didn't have to change. Maybe the laughs and good times would continue. Apparently, Matt thought they should.

And, thus began Emily and Matt.

Long time family friends, Emily's parents and my family would have hooplah filled evenings. Matt tagged a long too, and it quickly became apparent that he fit into the mix pretty well (I would go so far as to say that he and my brother are twins. For reals.). Amidst school, nursing, work, engineering, and Purdue basketball, Emily and Matt realized that what had started summers ago might just continue forever.

Emily and Matt had an outdoor wedding (that ended with quite a bit of drama...a collapsed tent and a storm. And yet, Emily and Matt didn't seem to despair. After all, they did make it official just in time.), but I had the pleasure of documenting the moments beforehand. Their last day of singleness.

Cute couple. Cute kid. A glimpse into the future.
Conspiring pastors. Who knew?
Matt's family cared for foster children, and I can safely say that these children are the most adorable, ever.
The food was out of this world. All homemade. Delicious.

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, and for full wedding day goodness, head over to Bobbi and Mike's blog. They are fabulous at capturing fabulous weddings. Match made in heaven.

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  1. gee, that venue looks familiar... :)
    nice photos, erika!