Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The College Student.

As I buried my head in the baskets of clean laundry, my search continued. Mom peeked her head in the door of my room. She not so subtlety asked me why I hadn't folded my laundry. Promptly, I told her about my busy schedule. And my wardrobe conundrum. After all, it was a kind of big day. Even though I would be wearing a large black gown over it, I was determined. I changed three times (nope, that's a was like 5).

Last Saturday was my last day of being in high school. The last time I would call my mom my teacher. The last time I could experience life with all the privileges and none of the responsibility. My heart pounded as I lined up in reverse alphabetical order. Being towards the beginning of the alphabet, I watched everyone else before me.
Before I took my first step, I took a deep breath, counted to four, and then began down the aisle. I started to cry (well, at least my eyes welled up with tears). My brothers couldn't be at my graduation (they are just too fancy...and maybe they're located way far away). I couldn't see my sister and brother-in-law which just made it that much worse. This day was supposed to be happy, and I was crying (and not for joy).

But, just as I turned to sit down, I saw who I was looking for waving (and practically landing planes) at me. The married couple did come. My heart leapt in my chest. And I was thankful. I didn't trip. I walked in a semi-straight line. My tassel was successfully turned.

Thus, begins another adventure.

These girls. I love so much.
Apparently, being happy also means we look scary.
Yes. His hand does say "My sister rules." Almost too cute to handle...seriously.
If I wasn't a dork, then I wouldn't say "heart explosion." But, I just did. So, I guess I'm a dork.
The winky-buck-tooth-face ;B
Oh.Oh. This is my first post as a college student. Perhaps I should have used a more glamorous vocabulary. Guess I'm not there yet.

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