Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh, You Know. Attempting the Impossible.

Oh, you know me. I do things that no person in their right mind should. You want examples? Yeah, I've got a couple:
1. Photographing your first wedding without help in an awfully lit sanctuary, and editing the pictures in a software you don't know how to operate (I'm brilliant, no?).
2. Ride a motorcycle, by yourself, after only learning how like two seconds before.
3. Agree to putting together a business plan with someone (and I have no idea what a business plan even is).
4. Go on a sales call, by yourself (never being on a sales call, ever before).

Please note, that in this list, there are no physical risks (besides the whole motorcycle thing). Because those risks don't scare me as much.

But, coming next week, there will be one more stupid...er, I mean daring risk to throw on that list. I am baking for my sister's wedding.

Yes, me, myself, and I are going to bake enough cakes for 250+ people. I'm stocking up on people time this week, because come next week, I will be bonding with cake pans, mass quantities of icing, and piping bags.

Don't ask me how I got roped into doing this (and being the MOH). It just kind of happened.

Courtney: "Ahhh, I'm getting married!"
Me: "I know. Sheesh!"
Courtney: "I need someone to bake cakes. Oh wait, no. You could bake the cakes."
Me: "What?"
Courtney: "Eeeeh! I'm getting married!!!"

Verbatim, that's how the conversation went.
Wish me luck (or maybe I should say sanity). I'm buckling up for a ca-razy ride.

Photos from Tori Watson's wonderful wedding that I had the pleasure to bake for. All the above taken by the amazing Rebekah Murray.

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