Friday, June 4, 2010

This is Friday Night.

My Friday night is being spent studying for the upcoming ACT that I must take. Not exactly what I would prefer to be doing after a full week of work.

After arriving on Monday afternoon I attended a community band concert at the local band shelter. Luckily or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, we got rained out. But, that gave some time to relax and prep for my first morning of work the next day.

Tuesday was my first day, and I knew right from the beginning that I was going to love it. My boss is Sarah. She is the best, to put it rather uncreatively. Pretty much all I do is the work that has to be done, but no one else wants to do. I don't mind it. Whether it's billing businesses, folding give-away t-shirts, or voicing ads, I love it all.

I think I'm a real sucker for the business atmosphere. And I've realized that if I were to ever become a wife or mom, I couldn't work. I would be too easily enveloped by my work. However, maybe that's something that comes with time. Maybe leaving work at the office gets easier...

Signing out. 10-4

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  1. Dear sis,

    I promise. The love will wane. Not because the job wonderful-ness falters, but because of how much you'll grow to love the memories that family and friends make. Work is lovely. (You know me, workaholic!) But I remember waffle mornings, cuddles with Bops, and late night movie debates with you better than I can remember any day at work.

    I work so I can love. :)

    Corny, but true.

    Kisses! Miss you!