Monday, June 14, 2010

Aaand we're back on track.

I spent the most amazing weekend back at home. It wasn't that I had a super packed weekend, or that the ACT went so well, it was the fact that I was back at my church. Somehow, it always feels like home- a safe haven where I can go when all else fails.

Today I had an epiphany. The reason my church feels like it does it because of one thing-God. Faithfully I have been taught in that sanctuary truths that I've carried with me for years.

To be completely honest, for the first two weeks of my summer and summer job, I didn't read my Bible or really pray at all. I knew something was off. I really wasn't having any growth and my thinking went way off the deep end. Being utterly dense, I kept wondering why this was. Well, duh, I wasn't reading my Bible or really praying.

Today I started off my morning by reviewing yesterday's sermon notes and writing out some verses to put on my desk at work. And guess what? Yeah, wonder of wonders, today was a spiritual success(in the humblest sense).

So, hopefully I'll continue to be faithful and I KNOW God will be faithful right back :)

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