Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's not all about the brains.

I love intellectual discussions, almost as much as I love reading intellectual books. Bombard me please with theories and ideas. Keep me well informed on current events. I like knowledge, no, I LOVE knowledge. Every time I learn something new I get a little giddy feeling and I want to tell everyone. I've ranted on and off again about my dream of going to an Ivy League school. I've faked humility by saying that wherever God leads is OK with me. Wrong, wrong, wrong. My mouth was saying one thing and my heart was thinking another. That my friends is hypocrisy.

In February I had the amazing opportunity to attend my church's Biblical Counseling Training Conference. It was amazing. I was surrounded by 1.600 people who all had common goals-serve others. Mid-conference-week, one of my favorite speakers gave a talk about living in a broken world. Essentially he spoke on God's grace and sovereignty. Those topics never get old (to read a little bit more, go back to my post in Feb.: Broken Down House).

It was at that point in time that it just HIT me. God IS wisdom. If I am really and truly seeking to be wise, I will seek God with reckless abandon.

This time I mean it, and pray everyday that it would be true. God, put me in the place where I can most glorify you by serving others. Help me to let go of my selfish idols and pride and assume your attitude.

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