Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Most Days.

Content? CHECK
Happy? CHECK
Energetic? CHECK
Silly? CHECK

Most days, I am one of the above. But what about those days where you just wish there was a button for "none of the above". No, my life isn't horrible. In fact, I feel like now more than ever God has been raining down the blessings. I'm learning a lot about the maker of all things and it's pretty darn awesome. But today it finally set in, when I'm home(which is very little) I have to BE home.

Let me explain. To me, home means school work, responsibilty, constant time management, and complete focus. When I'm home I'm doing work. That means after I get to enjoy countless weeks out on the road with TeenPact, I get to come home and start crack-a-lackin'. Because of the time I'm taking off of school, my summer is completely packed with finishing calculus, applying for scholarships, and work(moolah making).

So, as a simple release and sigh of relaxation, I will leave you with what I see myself doing for the rest of my life...once school ends, work ends, and responsibilty ends. So I'll just face it now, this will never happen. But, here's to dreaming.

Sipping coffee out of a pure white mug in Paris while talking in French with people about a new government policy.

Shopping for vintage clothes in little boutiques scattered around San Francisco.

Taking the bullet from my Parisan flat down to the Aegean to sail.

Last but not least, my apartment.

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